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The Team

What’s Our Deal

Jolly Good Games is a four person virtual studio based around the London area.


The collaboration came about thanks to a mutual love of high-quality gaming experiences and meaningful player stories as core principles of the studios ideology. Growing the studio to a reasonable size with our next 2nd big title, Growbeard, is in the scope of 2021.

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Growbeard: Defence

Slay the Spire meets Plants Vs Zombies… plus garden gnomes.

Growbeard combines strategy, cardplay and RPG elements collide in a twist on tower defence where saving bugs will save worlds. The plants are dying because the Pests are getting wiped out by unwitting Starbeard gnomes. Time to unleash your powers and protect them as they replenish the world and save us all.

Coming soon to 

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Starbeard Trailer


Starbeard is a rogue-like romp that turns match 3 puzzles on their head, combining tactical tussles and community developed content, all with characters that’ll leave you starry eyed.

In this constellation matching, bug crunching adventure, players will explore beautiful levels and challenge beastly bosses.

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Thank you for your interest in Jolly Good Games. For all press enquiries, please reach out.

We’ll be happy to give you the information you need.

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